hour of make up your own code! (a challenge for every wordpress reader)

if youre on wordpress you may have heard of the “hour of code.” i think its a great idea, but if youre thinking of skipping it anyway, why not try the “hour of make up your own code?”

you dont even have to know how coding works to do it. but it could end up being your first step towards learning to code. still reading? ok, heres what you do:


1. imagine some things you could tell the computer to do.


2. give a name to each of these things you want to tell the computer to do. once you name it, that thing is a “command” for the computer. an example of a command is “uppercase.” it takes words and makes them uppercase– another is “dot.” it draws a dot on the computer, in any colour on any place on the screen.


3. (optional) for each command you make up, you can add “parameters.” parameters are details for the command. like for your “dot” command, you could have parameters for how many “dots” from the left side of the screen you want to put it, or how many “dots” from the top you want– or what colour you want to use. parameters look like this:

command parameter1 parameter2 parameter3


you can name your parameters if you want to:

dot: fromleft, fromtop, colour


4. (bonus) create as many “commands” as you want, then write a program in your new language!

1) dot: 5, 5, “orange”
2) line: 7, 10 – 30, 100 “green”
3) say-on-screen: “hello, this is my program.”


5. feel free to post your language ideas or your programs as a reply to this post, or put them on your own blog (or link to them here.) if you like the idea, feel free to copy this entire article to your own blog.