the world has got bigger problems than selfies

i hate anti-millennialism. its so arrogant and hypocritical, every generation sooner or later gets around to blaming everything on the people that come after them. its probably disappointment that they dont get to live carbon-copy-like, vicariously through the next generation. any reasonable person couldve told you that.

i dont believe this generation is more self-centered, per se. at times, its spread out more superficially– due to global communication, social diseases like facebook, and ever-increasing population growth. for an older generation to talk about this like its just a millennial thing is a serious case of not-looking-in-the-mirror. (perhaps thats why they hate selfies, they havent looked at themselves in ages.)

anyway, ive been sick of it since it started, and im not even a millennial. (im close though.) and while i think privacy is important, i dont think selfies are the real problem here.

the biggest problem i can find in society isnt the “narcissism” of a self-portrait. i mean, self-portraits are celebrated; heres a whole lot of classic examples, for those who think “millennials” invented the idea:

perhaps theyre trying to say that photography isnt art; but it can be, and you dont get good without practice.

i actually find the act of selfies (not the product) kind of annoying; people are always whipping cameras out, but it isnt the part where they aim the camera at themselves that i find annoying. im not anti-selfie, but i dont really love them in public. its not like theyre going to go anywhere any time soon in any case.

the real problem in my opinion, is the narcissism of people needing to find something wrong with every other person. thats the kind of mindset that makes selfies a “problem.”

its simple prejudice; once you can blame an entire group of people (like a generation) for all the ills of the world, it becomes a sort of hobby to find little bits of “proof” everywhere. but thats more narcissistic than any self-portrait, i think.




2 thoughts on “the world has got bigger problems than selfies

  1. Damn, WP app ate my comment-in-progress 😡. Ok let me try again lol

    I sympathize with Millennials. They’re just following rules that they didn’t make, doing what they were told was ok. And then there are the ones who don’t fit the stereotype, but they get ignored because it’s The Thing To Do to criticize them for all that ails the world.

    Take this article, for instance. Fortune tweeted that Millennials are killing department stores:

    Orly? You mean it’s not greedy and misguided shareholders or ultra-conservative executives who are completely out of touch? Dang, that’s news to me! “Let’s blame it on the ‘spoiled Millennials’; they ruin everything by daring to change with the times and stuff.”

    Some were coddled, and that led to the idea that they’re all spoiled, lazy, and entitled. Ugh. No. Just–no.

    I have noticed one thing – there’s a common denominator in all this: the Baby Boomers.

    Back in their youth, their slogan was “never trust anyone under 30”. Once they hit 30, they had to revise that: “never trust anyone over 30.” And now that Generation X has called them out on this and moved on, some members of Gen X and some Boomers have united to tar and feather the Millennials. The Boomers made a crap world, the Gen X’ers found our way around in it, and now the Millennials are left to pick up the pieces, and they’re wondering “what the hell??” And justifiably so. Some were raised to be lazy and entitled–but you know what? So were the Boomers. They were raised to be entitled because that’s the message their parents sent them. They adopted the laziness on their own. A very selfish bunch. Not all, but enough. Gen X was always, in Boomer eyes, “the lost generation”, and we truly were. In some respects, we still are. But the Millennials come along and it’s fresh blood! Scapegoat! And that’s exactly what this is, and that’s ALL it is 😊💖

    Bravo! Awesome post! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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