the future: a love story

i didnt know what he was doing or why he was here, though something seemed familiar about him. and at the same time, i was sure we had never met. he walked in, stopped, and handed me his key along with a handwritten letter. i examined the letter. it was from me.

“hello, mr. setzer,” he said. “youve been expecting me.”

“i dont know that i have,” i replied. “who are you, and what exactly do you want?”

“please read the letter.”

it was certainly my handwriting and style. i knew it could be fake, but what it said made sense to me. at the same time, it was foreign.

hes here to talk to you about the future.



with love,


“why dont i remember writing this?”

“im here to find out. my name is phil sanchez, you sent me this key and this letter about 2 weeks ago.”

he hands me another letter, also in my handwriting.

mr. sanchez,

please come visit me at my home address, in two weeks. do not announce yourself. use this key, and return it to me when we meet.

i looked over the rest of it.

“i dont remember sending this.”

“i know. ive been researching your situation. you are correct that we havent met or spoken before. i wanted to meet you, but before i could reach out to you i got this letter. as it says, you were expecting me already.”

“since 11 weeks ago.”

“right. and i had never even heard of you back then, but i was reading about you by the time i got the letter.”

“so you think i knew something about the future.”

“yes, and when it comes to the past, everything seems to be fine. but youre remembering other things as well.”

“things that havent happened yet.”

“right. some of the things you remember, happen weeks or months later. but you remember them as if they have already.”

“and then when they happen…”

“when they do happen, you forget that you knew about them ahead of time.”

“unless i make myself a note.”

“…unless you make a note.”

“youre leaving something out.”

when she walked in the door moments later, i was sure i was in love. i didnt know who she was, and it didnt matter. she was perfect. there was something unique about the way she took in our surroundings. she did seem a little nervous, but i could tell she knew more about what was going on than i did.

“i got your letter.”

“you too?”

“you gave it to phil, to send to me.”

“and your name?”

“alex. here, read it…”

she hands me a letter. i read my own writing:

11 wks. completely in love.


i looked into her eyes. she reminded me a little of scarlet johannson.

“alright, guys. i still dont know 100% what this is about. phil, heres my phone number. thank you, lets talk later. alex, would you care to join me for indian?”

“how did you know i wanted indian food?”

“your guess is as good as mine.”






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