more color for alex

until today, fig made up to 16 colors available to the user. in fact, fig hasnt changed– and yet:



ive yet to come up with the precise way i want to do more than 16 colors– as a feature of the language. this is largely due to the fact that graphics can do 16 million colors, while a term window or framebuffer can be limited to 16 or 256. at 16, it is consistent.

but almost no one wants that limit of 16, and so i finally wrote a quick routine to access figs internal palette so that a mixed-native rgb function could be used. now fig programs can be a lot prettier. alex really is the reason it happened today, instead of some other time (next year?) because that 16 color palette wasnt cutting it for trying to do graphics stuff all the time. yeah, i can do a lot with 16 colors. but i really wanted more. and this is how its done:

#### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain)

function rgbcolor r g b
    now = 0 ; figcgapal[0] = (r, g, b)

# for alex: the first ever fig program with > 16 colors

now display
for y 1 256 1
for x 1 256 1

for my 0 1 1
for mx 0 1 1

r1 x minus 1
g1 y minus 1
b1 mx times 64
b2 my times 128 plus b1
xs mx times 256 plus x
ys my times 256 plus y
now rgbcolor r1 g1 b2 pset xs ys 0


now display
now lineinput




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