whaling: beware of personalized account phishing

one of my favorite posts from annie manning– one more reason not to have every aspect of your life out on display online: (i thought this was called “spear-phishing,” but i suppose theres always a new way to dress up old terminology with small distinctions. either way, its a good thing for people to consider.)


A key reason whaling is so pervasive is that individuals overshare personal and behavioral data on the Internet. Phishers can tap this information otherwise known as OSINT. The well-crafted e-mails and web-pages are designed using the targets OSINT. The more personal information the target shares publicly, the greater the risk that this information will be used to manipulate them

via Phishing Evolved. — Cyber Essentials


5 thoughts on “whaling: beware of personalized account phishing

  1. It is so totally true. I know to many people that willingly overshare on the internet, especially facebook…. normally the argument is it’s just my friends, but who has 400 friends that they are close enough with all of them to know that none of them will share that they are out of town or have a flashy computer/tv etc…. I try to remind people that even if you have specific settings on who can see a FB post, it doesn’t mean that someone cannot save and reshare a fb post. . . . .

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  2. You don’t have to post everything online, oh no. I create an updates page where small announcements or updates from me are said. But, even with that, if someone asks for your email address even, that is a risk, because people could share it with others and spam you. If you are asked to give out your password, it is definitely an account scam.

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        1. me neither. the thing is, its usually a “sucker-punch” kind of move in one way or another. if youre not paying attention, you could open it and get hacked.

          the “best” ones disguise themselves as your usual login. cory doctorow is to say the least, a pretty extremely savvy tech guy. ive enjoyed a number of books he wrote. he was caught off guard, or accidentally clicked. i think its safe to say that if he can let his guard down enough to get phished, anyone can. but the more careful/informed you are, the less likely it will be you they get. it takes a surprising amount of care!

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