so youve never gotten homework on wordpress before… (but this ones fun)

your assignment (if you choose to accept it) is to write a meme about programming, coding or computers– especially the latter if theres nothing you have to say about coding.

inspired by a wonderfully geeky teacher who came up with this clever meme for the classroom:

(its in all caps, thats what!)


one actually does simply go to and type some text in.

and just to make it fair, ive already done my homework. it was easy:


feel free to post it in the comments and/or your own blog. and have fun, or youre probably doing it wrong!



14 thoughts on “so youve never gotten homework on wordpress before… (but this ones fun)

  1. wonderful πŸ˜€ the funny thing is im against “assigning homework” the way schools do it. (im on the skeptics side of the “is homework useful” debate.) but this is an extra credit assignment, and those are cool, especially if theyre fun. glad you enjoyed it!


    1. oh thats what the whole thing was about, i know that πŸ™‚ but i consider apostrophes flowery cruft, so i joked that it was about the all-caps.

      apostrophes can be extremely useful, its only most of the time that theyre completely superfluous. theyre also silent– anything that isnt vital to pronunciation (or cadence) isnt really vital to grammar, but it can be helpful regardless (only sometimes.) this is an opinion on the remote outskirts of convention, and im not going to wait around for people to exclaim how strongly they agree. im sure that very few do, but im surprised it isnt a little more common.


      1. Nice homework assignment. I’m not a meme type of person. But you certainly made it a fun assignment. I had a good time checking out all your students’ memework. Aye, everyone is a critic which is why they are experts.

        I do have to admit I struggle with using apostrophes at times because I am not sure how they are accessible to screen readers or text to speech software. I’m deaf so I can’t exactly listen. I often notice there are times I do use them and other times I deliberately avoid them.

        Anyways, great post.

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