an early nomination from my favorite valentine: one lovely blog

if you want to make it in the blog business, heres one little piece of advice:

you know how your parents taught you to shut up and behave? forget all about that!



ok, so first and second of all, thank you to the very lovely blogger “this field was intentionally left blank” (i think its a pen name, but some parents are weird) aka “ms. wave” for her extremely edutaining blog, “the silent wave.”

the “rules” are that i have to tell you 7 things about myself. since once upon a time, this blog was meant to be entirely about programming, i will be sure to sneak an item or two about that in:

  1. i am in love with both portugal, and its people. the language is very pleasant too, but the words are not easy to discern by ear. i know theyre in there! but you could say “mais casa macieira por favor” 100 times, and i would think you were giving your life story.
  2. i am the author of an educational programming language, called “fig.” there is a localized portuguese version called “figueira.” i occasionally meet portuguese speakers with some english, and i helped introduce two of them to coding. one of them helped finalize the keywords in the portuguese version.
  3. i love most kinds of music– not so much opera or country. ive stuck my foot in my mouth a few times mentioning my feelings about country music. im from the south originally, so i feel if i dont love it, i probably never will. faith hills janis joplin cover wasnt terrible, though.
  4. im counting the aside about where im from as #4. you would never be able to guess from my accent, but a few choice phrases might tip you off.
  5. i hate cigarettes, though ive dated a number of smokers. kissing a smoker isnt the bad part, in my opinion– the way they make your clothes smell is.
  6. vanilla perfume on the other hand, is extremely seductive. the one from coty is awful, the one from victorias secret is not easy to resist (and i hate to plug them, i dont like their brand at all.)
  7. my favorite doctor is still tom baker, but i love david tennant nearly as much (and occasionally more.) tangentially related by way of bbc filming locations: i also really, really love welsh accents. scottish too, but welsh accents are more dangerous than vanilla perfume– i know, i clearly have a problem.


there are a lot of bloggers id recommend to you, but wouldnt nominate, because i only want to nominate people that might have fun with it. i think i can get away with 7 people (the rules say “up to 15”) because although i follow hundreds, i tend to pay the closest attention to those im in regular conversation with. and i follow a lot of blogs about teaching, home teaching and people just learning to code (a type very likely to abandon their blog without mentioning it.)

  1. epic chas gamer: prolific, quick-and-easy posts about his video games, web browser, and computer-related posts.
  2. antwerpenhomeschooling: follow the exploits of a super-awesome teacher and simon (or mostly, its simon,) a kid genius who can probably out-code me already.
  3. the anonymous life: not just any blog about life and home abroad, but from one of the most thoughtful and sensitive people ive found online. if you missed your meditation today, try stopping by this blog instead.
  4. gifguide2code: like the title so accurately describes, this is a blog about coding in various languages with regular use of animated gifs.
  5. stem girls: one of the better blogs ive found on women and girls in technology– ive actually followed quite a few of these from individual female tech bloggers, but like so many tech blogs, people seem to just stop posting. hopefully this one will be around for a while.
  6. simply.cindy: a preschool teacher, author and photographer, whose thoughts on working with kids are probably just as good for being an adult.
  7. the vivifier: life, love and beauty.


i hope you know how much work it was to put this list together… in the year/plus ive been on wordpress, my list of subscriptions is up to 439. by 2018 it will probably be up to 1000.

but i participate in a number of communities, due to both my interests and the people i want to reach. one group nominates me, but that group has already nominated the people that come to mind to nominate– so thats a number of obvious choices down.

a few people i wanted to nominate have fallen off the map, which makes me very sad. but most people blog for free, and you cant make them do it. jet, i miss your posts about coding, i hope you do another one this year.

a lot of the things im subscribed to are pretty technical and obscure– not just about coding, but language development or diy tech that is too technical orΒ  expensive for me to get deeply into (let alone most people i normally chat with on wordpress) then on top of that–

i subscribe to both personal blogs and technical blogs, and i dont think a lot of the technical bloggers are looking to participate in this sort of award thing. i hope you dont mind, chas, i thought you might have fun with this. πŸ™‚

if more people kept blogging year after year, this would be an easier task. but a lot of the most obvious choices were either taken, or arent blogging. i hope you find these 7 choices as appealing as i do, and it certainly wont hurt to check them out! you may find them gems, as i do.

and do you know a blog (even your own) that you think i might like to subscribe to, based on this list? feel free to link to it in the comments!


## license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain)

function plot plotwhat
    white 7
    pink 13
    red 4
    brwhite 15
    forin what plotwhat
        now colortext brwhite highlight red
        ifequal what "."
            now colortext white highlight white
        ifequal what "="
            now colortext pink highlight red
        ifequal what "]"
            now colortext brwhite highlight red
        now what prints
    now "" print
now highlight 7 cls
now plot "..............................."
now plot "......]]]]]]........]]]]]......"
now plot "...]]]======]]]..]]]=====]]]..."
now plot "..]===      ===]]===     ===].."
now plot ".]=            ==           =]."
now plot ".]=                         =]."
now plot "..]]=     one lovely       =].."
now plot "....]=                   =]]..."
now plot ".....]]=     blog      =]]....."
now plot ".......]=            =]]......."
now plot "........]]=        =]]........."
now plot "..........]]=    =]]..........."
now plot "............]]==]]............."
now plot "..............]]..............."
now plot "..............................."





17 thoughts on “an early nomination from my favorite valentine: one lovely blog

  1. its not as easy as it looks– i just went to the about page for simply.cindy where it says: “After careful consideration, I have decided that from this point forward simply.cindy will be a tag-free award-free blog.”

    thus i will (per her request to everyone) not comment on the about page or contact cindy about this nomination, but i dont think theres any need to retract it– like i said, i do recommend the blog and you can still find it at:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. its smaller than people realize. ive got stories that would freak out the less statistically-inclined.

      on the one hand, i know theyre not as impossible as they seem. thats statistics– and yet, they seem really outrageous and fascinating, which makes me want to question the statistics– thats psychology. but hey! so are “large” and “small.” and hey– if you go to a certain chain of new-england-based convenience stores that have free coffee on fridays, you will find that the “medium” and “large” cups– the same ones in use all week long– are shaped differently, but cost the same and even hold the exact same amount. how is that even legal? (its not like they charge more for one, but why have a “medium” then? ridiculous!)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. one of the very first people i met when i started blogging a year ago– actually 362 days ago.

        and *still* one of the most unique and friendly blogs about programming on wordpress! (i have yet to get him to make a gif or post with fig in it: “figguide2code!”)

        Liked by 2 people

          1. i can link you to a pdf tutorial, but those two scripts i linked you to ARE the thing. one is for python 2 (which i strongly recommend) and the other (which is the first blog post on this blog) is for that OTHER python (which is hardly python at all…)

            i recommend you try it in linux first– all you have to do is chmod +x and youre ready to go!

            in fact you dont even have to chmod it, if youre happy to prefix “python” everytime you run

            and you can find all the details you could possibly need here: *never never* hesistate to ask for help– its the main reason i setup this blog!


        1. Seriously, you guys are making me blush… One day, codeinfig, Imma gif some fig, but I have soooooooo much to learn. Also, I’m beginning to think we’ve frequented the same convenience stores in New England. I too am entirely baffled by the lack of uniformity in coffee cup sizes. I feel they should only come in Small, Large, and Gallon.

          Liked by 1 person

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