98-100 followers, and a shared comment on teaching

ive been online since the mid 90s, when the internet was infused with the portion of it called the “web.” before the web and since november 1969, the internet has included technologies like email, ftp, and eventually usenet and gopher (the text-only precursor of the once-text-only hypertext worldwideweb.) and i have met some of the loveliest people online on wordpress– i am not exaggerating– it is one of the better examples of what the web can achieve without facebook. 🙂 and what i was trying to say of course is, thank you!

i wrote a comment to a fellow poster today, in which we talked about quitting smoking, drinking less soda, and eventually having kids. if i write a comment i like that much, i may turn it into a blog post, so here it is:


youre going to have awesome kids. i can only offer one bit of advice as a former kid myself–

kids are definitely made in the image of their parents. its always there, people can see it, youll know it better than everyone. and parents raise their kids in the image of themselves, too. its what they know, so its what they do.

kids are trouble, and theyre people that are learning how to be people. learning is a lifelong process, which is frequently forgotten in the moment by students and teachers (all parents are teachers, as well as students) alike.

teachers too, shape minds in their own image. its what they know, and what they do. the advice is: never forget that the image will differ. cherish that– their difference will add new powers and also balance to the things in your image that you instill in them. they will never/can never/should never be exactly you, but they will carry part of you around forever– it will go much farther with their differences, than you could ever go on your own two feet or even just being cloned. remember that as you work to shape them. ❤


(regarding 98-100: after almost a year of blogging its fun to reach 100 followers, but i think 2 of those 100 are probably me. i set up another page which im not making much use of right now, and i had it follow this one for convenience.)




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