getting more girls to code is only half the problem


when i wrote this, the post over here wasnt written yet. its better, read it instead. or you know, do what you want; but against my advice. cheers.


im interested in any effort to be more inclusive. the reason is that im one of the many people that really believe everyone should be code-literate; i think without it, we risk never solving the issue of computer literacy.

if only it was as simple as waiting for the “old guard” to die off… that wont ever work; we need the old guard (which i am nearer to becoming a member of) to remind us what it was like before so many general-purpose machines were rigged into half-locked-down appliances.

to say that we need more girls coding is an understatement. and, if you look at all the people who do code, then getting a larger percentage of girls to code is still a thing we havent solved yet.

but what if you look at all the people who dont code? there you have the ultimate diversity: if you look at all the people who have never coded, there are probably over a billion females, over a billion males, over a billion children and teens, and a billion people over the age of 40.

i havent forgotten minorities, people with disabilities, im sure i could write a list pages long of the groups of people who need better inclusion; because there is no group that has “enough coders” in it already. and no, i havent lost the point that among people who already code, females are under-represented. although most males dont code either– most people dont understand code (or think they cant) and thats the problem i want to solve.

so im very interested in programs to include more people from every background/makeup/what-have-you in coding, because one of the lauded tenets of feminism is “its about equality / its better for everyone.”

great! i am looking at all the “get girls to code” initiatives i can, for ideas on how to get more people interested / welcome / comfortable with coding. and i hope to see more initiatives in the future, that make use of these ideas to get everyone interested; to get everyone to see how vital this skill is not only to their profession, but to their participation in a well-informed 21st century democracy.

and democracy (i am told) needs more of everybody, too. at least when people say “get out and vote” there isnt a group they arent referring to. everybody vote! everybody code! everybody welcome. i definitely think we need still more of that. so please by all means, lead the way… and i will be right behind you. i am still on the lookout for more ways to make it happen. (carry on…)




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