wordpress: a nexus for programming and education

if youre really interested in programming, you couldnt have found a much better place with a more diverse populace. i refer primarily to wordpress.com, but also to the variety of wordpress sites you can subscribe to from here.

my interests are in programming, language development, and education; also the intersection of these. ive searched all over for information on these things, and in many cases the subject of language development is treated as either generic (with little variation) or a bad idea. i couldnt disagree more.

i would actually recommend youtube for a taste, but you wont find as much of what im looking for there as i have during my time searching wordpress sites. im subscribed to 50 blogs already (if youre reading this, that likely includes yours) and you can find all of these things:

  • people learning python, html and css, among other languages
  • people that know javascript and php
  • people developing programming languages
  • high school computer teachers
  • university professors

the authors of not one but two languages named after leaves are here: the author of leaf, and the author of fig (thats me.) there are tons of posts about the merits of specialized languages in education (which i find very exciting.)

fig is a python translator (that is, it translates to python) but ive already found another simple-language-to-python translator here. i love when i find python-based language projects (if you want to make your own language, i think python is ideal. lisp is also very good, if youre familiar with how it works.)

also, one of the devlopers of greenfoot appears to be on wordpress. only here have i heard about “stride” and frames… which are a point between blocks-based languages and written code.

you can learn about every aspect of programming, especially beginner programming, even from an expert standpoint. i just came here to set up a blog; i didnt realize that in 2016, wordpress.com has such a diverse and active community.

i apologise for not linking to anything in this post, but i would encourage you to have a good look around. use tags like code, coding, programming, education in your reader. and if theres anything like what i mentioned that youre looking for, i would be happy to try to help you find it.

regarding youtube, video tutorials seem very popular (and look extremely helpful) these days; there are so many. for discussion of programming and the development of new ideas, i havent found anything as exciting as wordpress. keep exploring: theres great stuff here.


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