fig for windows xp and python2 users

so the “old” generation of fig is still only weeks older. but there are some things you may prefer it for.

i rarely use windows, so older versions of fig are better tested on it than newer ones. but i got a very old laptop recently, and tried fig 3.1 (source in first post on this blog) on windows xp. well… that was interesting.

for one, the version of python i installed in windows (3.2 i think) doesnt like print with the flush=True option. so you may prefer a slightly older fig version (2.9 perhaps?) that is python2 compatible.

but you may also prefer python2, and i dont blame you. currently the python foundation only plans to support it until 2020 (originally, 2015) but i hope that python2 will be forked into a language that is supported by people who care about new versions and maintenance.

if youre looking for the “old” python2 version of fig, you can get it here:




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